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About Return of Shadow

Return of Shadow is a large scale mod for The Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle-Earth that drastically expands the core game adding in new units, maps, factions and features to the game.
The current build of the mod has 7 factions Rohan, Gondor, Lorien, Rivendell, Mordor, Isengard and Dunland.
It adds many new features like the Expanding CPL, larger spell stores, larger battalions.

The mod was founded by Radspakr as a remimaging of an older mod (check out the history section below) with the intent to expand and improve on the core game.
Bigger battles, more stategic options, more varied game play and a broader representation of Middle-Earth were the core ideas.

The team behind Return of Shadow is small but hard working and always looking to improve.

Radspakr - Mod leader - Coder, 3d models, textures, audio, website, AI scripting, mapping, concept art, PR.

As well as the mappers Bashkuga (AKA Fredius) and Matt the Legoman and the alumni beta testers, mappers and other contributors.

Return of Shadow aims to have 16 factions in the mod and releases them over time generally focusing on developing one faction at a time.


I started modding back in 2006 and set out to create a simple mod that added more Rhun and Harad units to the game called the Evilmen mod.

Work on the mod continued and it's scope increased and the mod grew and came to be renamed the Lone Wolf Mod. The name coming from the fact that for the longest time I was the only one working on the mod.

Lone Wolf continued for years with many releases and ever changing plans.
It had gotten to the point off nearing a 4th beta. with 10 factions released.
Then late one night after a restless night with lots of thoughts (a phenomon sometimes fittingly called the Hour of the Wolf) I had realised that Lone Wolf had become incredibly cluttered and unfocused as I prepared a long bug list it drew on me that it would literally be easier to start over from scratch than get Lone Wolf to the point I wanted it, my ideas had outgrown the rough mess of a mod I made while learning all the skills I needed.

So with some thought I started a resurrection a new project called Lone Wolf Resurrection and later the actual mod becoming Lone Wolf Return of Shadow.

This new version was greatly streamlined compared to the old version, the ideas and the factions were much more thought through and the art work improved.
I wanted to have a more definite project with my concrete tech trees and to limit the experimentation.
The mod would limit unnessassary additions, reduce the amount of FX and focus more on balanced game play and a specific look and theme to the mod.

Then the time had come and Lone Wolf had been retired the Lone Wolf dropped from the name and the mod was now simply Return of Shadow (ROS for short).

During 2014 I had reached my 8th year modding the BFME series, 8 years since I first started the Evilmen mod and had burnt out and retired from modding.
I had moved onto new things, reignited my passion for fighting games and my team members moved on.

Then late in 2014 enough time had passed and decided to install BFME once again and played my first game of ROS in many months.
As I played having fun playing for the first time in ages I realised my work wasn't done.

I returned.

I quickly released a small update with the work I had done between the last release and my retirement and began work on finishing up Beta 0.2 which I had wanted to release before my retirement.

Then in February I finally released Beta 0.2 and the Rivendell faction.

I am now at work on Beta 0.22 and working towards Beta 0.3 with the release of the Erebor and Strongholds factions.