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Rohan is the premiere cavalry faction in Return of Shadow.
Hit and Run tactics are a Rohan players bread and butter.

Return of Shadow changes

Return of Shadow changes Rohan quite a lot, fleshing out the faction and giving it more units.
Rohan now has more infantry units.

Return of Shadow adds 3 new cavalry units the Eastfold Lancers, Westfold Riders and Royal Guards.
The Peasants have been replaced by the Footmen and the Elves with the Eastfold Yeomen.


The brave men of the Riddermark have ridden the plains for many generations.
They were awarded the land by Cirion of Gondor after Eorl saved Gondor.
Rohan remain loyal allies to Gondor.


The Peasant has been replaced by the Rohan Footmen a good starting infantry unit.
The Westfold Shield bearers are Rohan's defensive unit.
Rohan Door Wardens are elite infantry giving Rohan a strong late game infantry option.
The Rohan Yeomen have been changed into the Rohan Bowmen.

Rohan get a second ranged unit to replace the Elven Warriors the Eastfold Yeomen.
These archers are a glass cannon unit with good damage and range but weak armour that can't be upgraded instead they have the Take Aim skill which
boosts their offensive power.
Rohan's siege options have changed as well, they lose the ability to build Ents instead they can only summon them.
They have 2 siege weapons available from the new Workshop a Battering Ram and a Siege Ladder.
Rohan's main strength is their cavalry and in Return of Shadow they have 4 cavalry units.
First off from the Stables are the Rohirrim Riders and Rohirrim Archers just like in vanilla.
But once a Stable hits level 3 Rohan gains a powerful cavalry unit in the Royal Guards.
The Royal Guards are elite heavy cavalry and some of the strongest cavalry in the game on par with the Knights of Dol Amroth.
The fourth cavalry unit for Rohan comes from the Westfold Hall and it's the Westfold Riders.
The Westfold Riders are a light raiding cavalry that are especially good for hit and run raids on enemy economy buildings.
They move fast, turn better and do extra damage to external resources structures like Lumber mills.


True to Rohan fashion all of Rohan's heroes can fight from horseback.
In early game you have 3 good hero options in Eowyn, Gamling and Hama.
Gamling is Rohan's only ranged hero and can provide leadership granting extra range for nearby archers very handy in early game.
Hama is a good scout hero who grants nearby units extra vision.
Eowyn has undergone a couple minor changes she has a leadership skill for Footmen and her Smite has been replaced with Maiden Strike which is
strong against Monsters.
Mid game heroes include Eomer, Grimbold, Elfhelm and Erkenbrand.
Grimbold and Erkenbrand are both unlocked from the Westfold spell while Elfhelm is unlocked from the Eastfold spell.
Both Elfhelm and Grimbold function as support heroes.
Erkenbrand is a good defensive and support hero.
Eomer has gotten a couple new skills Fearless Charge and Ride for Ruin which are really good skills when charging at the enemy.
Late game is King Theoden.
Theoden gains a new skill in Valour of the Rohirrim a channel ability that summons 4 heroes Harding, Horn, Dunhere and Guthlaf for a short time,
during that time Theoden can't move or attack but is highly resistant to damage.
Each of the 4 heroes has a speciality Horn is defensive, Harding is an attacker, Guthlaf has a leadership buff and Dunhere disables the enemy.


No peasants makes Draft redundant instead it's been replaced with Helm Hammerhand.
Helm is a good early game summoned hero that is strong against creeps.
He can also be upgraded with Fortitude.

Rohan has the Repair spell which instantly repairs targeted structures and machines.
On the 2 sides are the Defenders of the Westfold and Defenders of the Eastfold spells which unlocks units, buildings and heroes.

Westfold unlocks the Westfold Hall, Shield bearers, Riders, Erkenbrand and Grimbold, while Eastfold unlocks Elfhelm and the Eastfold Yeomen.
Harvest Time provides a short burst or production from external resource buildings.
Cloud Break remains the same useful spell it's always been.
Fortitude is a spell that upgrades spells, a passive spell that improves Heal, Repair, Ent Allies and Helm Hammerhand.

Heal also grants an armour buff for targeted allies, Repair provides an armour boost for targeted structures, Helm Hammerhand gains extra health,
damage and the Rage of the Hammerhand skill, Ents do more damage and move faster.
Greyhame summons Gandalf for a short time.
Muster is a very important spell for Rohan and provides a short burst of build speed boost for Rohirrim and Westfold Riders.
Finally Red Dawn is global, improved version of Glorious Charge making all cavalry units nigh indestructible for a short time.


Rohan gains the standard Faction Upgrades but also gains some exclusive upgrades.
Rohirrim Training upgrades all Cavalry except Royal Guards to recover health when out of combat allowing them to stay out in the field for longer.
It also upgrades the Eastfold Yeomen with Heavy armour.
Glory of the Horselord upgrades Theoden with better armour, health and reduces his skill cooldowns slightly.
Lord of the Westfold unlocks Erkenbrand so he can be built.

Tech Tree

Rohan Farm

  • Provides resources

Rohan Hall of Warriors

  • Rohan Footmen
  • Edoras Spearmen
  • Door Wardens

Rohan Archery Range

  • Rohan Bowmen
  • Eastfold Yeomen

Westfold Hall

  • Westfold Shieldbearers
  • Westfold Riders

Rohan Stables

  • Rohirrim Riders
  • Rohirrim Archers
  • Eastfold Lancers
  • Royal Guards

Rohan Well

  • Heals and replenishes nearby units

Rohan Hero Statue

  • Adds Leadership bonus to nearby units

Rohan Armory

  • Basic Training
  • Fire Arrows
  • Heavy Armour
  • Forged Blades
  • Horse Shields
  • Riding Lances

Rohan Workshop

  • Rohan Ladder Crew
  • Rohan Battering Ram

  • -


Alliance Good
King Theoden
Playstyle Cavalry
  • Dunland
  • Isengard
  • Mordor
  • Gondor
Difficulty Beginner/Intermediate
Other Names

The Mark