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Rivendell the second Elven faction for Return of Shadow is very different from Lorien.
Rivendell are a very versatile faction with strong infantry, archers, cavalry and heroes this is all balanced out by being an expensive faction to play.

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Rivendell have a wide variety of strong units making them very flexible and powerful.
From the Rivendell Barracks comes the Warriors and Archers the starting units for Rivendell and the core of their army.
Rivendell Warriors are strong fighters and fast runners making them good starting units, like all Elven archers the Rivendell Archers have great skill
with the bow giving them superior range and vision compared to non Elven archers.
Once the Warriors of Imladris spell has been purchased Rivendell can access the Noldor Ward and the Rivendel elite units.
The Noldorin Valiants are strong fighters wielding long blades in battle capable of dealing splash damage.
Imladris Champions are finesse fighters that wield dual blades to great effect they are fast attackers and good against enemy heroes.
Finally comes the Refuge Protectors the elite ranged unit for Rivendell these are strong archers who can stealth when standing under trees.
With the Chambers of Imladris Faction Upgrade these units can be upgraded with the Master Forged upgrades.
Rivendell can also field cavalry units in the Rivendell Riders, the Imladris Cuirassiers and Imladris Chargers which are medium cavalry, horse archers
and heavy cavalry respectively.
With the purchase of the Loremasters of Imladris spell comes the very versatile support unit the Lightbearer.
Lightbearers can be upgraded with specialties that focus on particular play styles like healing, damaging or support.


Rivendell is home some familiar heroes such as Elrond Halfelven, Arwen Undomiel, Elladan and Elrohir as well as the Gondolin elf Glorfindel and
the wandering elf Gildor.
Gildor Inglorion is an ideal hero for early game with his strong attack he is considered an early game anti-hero option.
His Blade of Light deals extra damage to heroes.
Arwen Undomiel is another early game hero that can remain useful through to late game with her support and damage skills.
She has the useful ability Evenstar Blessing which heals nearby heroes and Grace of the Evenstar can speed up ally hero recharge times.
Brilliance allows her stun enemies with fear allowing her an opportunity to escape from trouble.
Finally at level 10 she gets Loudwater Crash which is a water based spell that damages and knocks back enemies.
Elladan and Elrohir the twin sons of Elrond are both capable warriors and trackers and life long foes of Orcs.
They compliment each other well with Elladan being better with ranged attacks and Elrohir with melee.
They both have access to the Pathfinder skill which grants them a short move speed boost.
Glorfindel was once a lord of Gondolin but fell defending the city from a Balrog in the First Age, he came back later to aid in the fight against Sauron.
Glorfindel is a strong warrior who is both capable of moving at high speed and fighting with powerful attacks.
He starts with a leadership Glory of the Past.
Light of Valinor grants him more strength for a short time.
He commands light with the skills Purity and Starlight the first is a support spell the second is an attack spell.
Leading the Elves of Rivendell is Lord Elrond Halfelven counted as one of the wise he is also a fierce warrior.
Elrond has a combination of powerful support skills and attacks.
He grants leadership to nearby allies with his First Age Wisdom.
He can summon Noldorin Warriors for a very short duration for a burst attack.
Using Vilya he command the element of wind granting a bonus to nearby heroes with Vilya Aura and with Vilya Unleashed he gains a knock back
attack and improved health, armour and spell damage boost.
Unlocked via the Faction Upgrade Ally from Mithlond Galdor also joins the fight.
In keeping with his original from the Grey Havens he utilises water based skills to attack.


Rivendell has access to a wide variety of useful spells.
Rivendell has the some common Good spells like Heal, Eagle Allies, Repair and Cloud Break.
Morning Mist is a useful early game spell that can help overcome Rivendell's economy weaknesses by granting targeted Orchards a +50% resource
boost for a short time.
Relics of the Past summons a relic that provides a small leadership boost to nearby units.
Loremasters of Imladris unlocks Elrond and the Lightbearers while Warriors of Imladris unlocks the Noldor Ward and the Elite units.
Enduring Aura improves the defences of structures.
High King summons an image of Gil Galad the once High King of the Elves to battle for a short time.
Lastly is the powerful Last Alliance Warriors which summons a force of powerful Elves from the Last Alliance of Men and Elves to battle for a time.


Rivendell has the usual Faction Upgrades Great Keep Upgrade, Murder Holes and Tower Fire Arrows they also get 3 exclusive upgrades .
Ally from Mithlond as mentioned above unlocks Galdor from Mithlond to battle.
Armour of the Peredhel is an upgrade that upgrades Elrond's armour, health and decreases his spell recharge slightly.
Chambers of Imladris upgrades the Noldor Ward to provide the Master Forged Upgrades for Rivendell's elite units.

Tech Tree

Rivendell Orchard

  • Produces resources

Rivendell Forge

  • Basic Training
  • Heavy Armour
  • White Fire Arrows
  • Forged Blades
  • Horse Shields

Rivendell Barracks

  • Rivendell Warriors
  • Rivendell Archers
  • Imladris Champions

Noldor Ward

  • Noldor Valiants
  • Noldor High Guards

Rivendell Stables

  • Rivendell Riders
  • Imladris Cuirassiers
  • Noldor Chargers

Rivendell Brook

  • Heals and replenishes nearby allies

Rivendell Workshop

  • Rivendell Ladder Crew
  • Rivendell Ballista

Noldor Library

  • Lightbearer
  • Book of Healing Light
  • Book of Protective Light
  • Book of Searing Light


Alliance Good
Lord Elrond
Playstyle Mixed
  • -
  • -
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