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Mordor have undergone some changes just like the other factions.
New units and heroes, new spells.
Mordor lose the Haradrim Palace and Mumakil Pen as well as the Haradrim Lancers, Mumakil and Easterling Soldiers.
Instead Mordor have gained some new units.

Return of Shadow changes





Mordor Orcs can now be upgraded with the new upgrade Discipline Training which improves unit's damage against structures essentially Mordor's
version of Forged Blades.
From the level 2 Orc Pit comes the new Morannon Soldiers that essentially replace the Easterling Soldiers they are a spearmen unit and a good
counter for charging cavalry.
Once you've purchased the Dark Machinations spell you will be able to build the Morgul Den from which you can build the Morgul Uruks and the
Morgul Tower Guards.
Morgul Uruks are a stronger infantry unit than the Mordor Orcs but cost more they can fight in formation and can be upgraded with Heavy Armour
and Discipline training.
The Morgul Tower Guards are Mordor's answer to the Gondor Fountain Guards a strong defensive unit great for the front line.
Mountain Trolls and Drummer Trolls gain a new upgrade Troll Training which automatically ranks them to rank 2 which allows the trolls to auto heal.
Mountain Trolls lose their level 2 skins.
Drummer Trolls gain a new skill at level 5 Echo Beat which is an AOE attack that knocks back enemies.
From the level 3 Troll Cage can be built the new and powerful Battle Troll.
The Battle Troll is quite a bit stronger than the Mountain Troll and serves to replace the Mumakil.
They can be upgraded with Troll Training to reach level 2 at which they gain auto heal. They can also specialise in a weapon type through upgrades
each one giving the Battle Troll a different benefit.
• Troll Hammer improves the meta impact of the Troll's attacks and improves damage against stone structures.
• Troll Sword improves splash damage making it better against masses of enemies.
• Troll Axe improves damage against Shield bearers and wooden structures.
At level 5 they gain the Battle Troll Rage ability which grants them extra damage for a short time.


Mordor loses both of the regular Nazgul and Gollum and gain quite a few new heroes.
New Orc heroes have been created Lugmog, Thrakrat, Shagrat, Gorbag, Grishnakh and Gothmog.
The Witch King now starts out on foot with new skills.
Lugmog is a support hero that can not attack, starting at level 1 he can replenish nearby horde units.
Later on he also gains a leadership.
Thrakrat is Gothmog's flunky and is stronger when nearby Gothmog.
Dark Assistance is a weaker version of Gothmog's Dark Command which grants nearby Orcs extra damage at the cost of armour.
Shagrat and Gorbag are similar heroes each with a basic melee attack skill, a leadership for certain units (Uruks for Shagrat, Orcs for Gorbag)
and can be followed by lesser Orc heroes Radbug, Muzgash, Lagduf and Ufhtak.
Grishnakh is a pretty high ranking Orc Captain who has abilities that make him good for chasing down fleeing heroes.
Hamstring slows and damages an enemy, while Stick causes a bleed effect.
Captain of Lugburz provides a leadership that boost speed and damage for nearby Orcs.
Run like the Wolf boosts Grishnakh's speed and gives him the ability to knock over any units in his way.
Gothmog is a support hero who can both lead his troops and weaken enemies.
Gothmog can instantly upgrade targeted Orcs with Discipline Training.
His Iron fist leadership is very powerful giving nearby Orcs Fear and knock back immunity, armour boost and experience gain boost.
The Witch King is a powerful hero that can deal damage, weaken enemies and support allies.
Nazgul Guard allows the Witch King to summon 2 Nazgul to follow and protect him.
Echo Screech causes the Witch King and the nearby Nazgul to screech inflicting terror on enemies.
Relic of Angmar allows the Witch King to summon an ancient relic that corrupts the area weakening enemies more and more over time.


After purchasing the Dark Machinations spell Mordor gains access to it's upgrades which can now be found at the Mordor Furnace (when upgraded
with Dark Machinations it becomes the Mordor Smelter) alongside Basic Training and Fire Arrows you can now purchase Heavy Armour and
Discipline Training.
Rally is a very useful spell that partially heals targeted units and recovers up to 5 lost units per horde.
Legions of Morgul allows the Witch King, Gothmog and Grond to be built.
Dark Influence is a global spell that increases unit's move speed, fear and knock back resistance and experience gain for a time.
Troll Captain summons the powerful Troll Captain. The Troll Captain has various skills at his disposal making him a powerful ally.
• Leap allows him make an entrance crashing into his enemies.
• Black Troll Fury boosts his damage and armour.
• Troll Leadership boosts the damage of nearby Troll units.
• Uppercut knocks down and stuns enemy units.
Nazgul Allies summons 3 Nazgul on Fellbeasts to attack enemies.
Dark Lord Returns summons the Dark Lord Sauron back in full force brandishing the One Ring (a what if? Spell).
Sauron can take control over large numbers of enemies with his Domination spell.
He has a powerful leadership ability.


Mordor get the standard Faction Upgrades Great Keep Upgrade, Murder Holes and Tower Fire Arrows but they also get quite a few unique Faction
Morgul Craft upgrades the Nazgul and Witch King to deal additional poison damage to enemies and upgrades the Witch King's Relic of Angmar to
provide a large experience boost to nearby Nazgul.
Call of the Nazgul unlocks a Nazgul hero.
Siege Craft improves the Catapult's armour, damage and range as well as the armour of the Battering Ram and Siege Tower.
Soldiers of Lugburz unlocks the powerful Lugburz Soldiers from the Orc Pit these Orcs are very powerful fighters capable of splash damage and
crushing enemies when using their Soldier Rush skill.

Tech Tree

Mordor Furnace

  • Basic Training
  • Fire Arrows
  • Heavy Armour
  • Sapper Training

Slaughter House

  • Produces resources

Lumber Mill

  • Mordor Workers

Orc Pit

  • Mordor Fighters
  • Mordor Archers
  • Morannon Soldiers
  • Lugburz Soldiers

Troll Cage

  • Mountain Troll
  • Drummer Troll
  • Battle Troll
  • Troll Training

Mordor Siegeworks

  • Battering Ram
  • Mordor Catapult
  • Siege Tower

Morgul Den

  • Morgul Uruks
  • Morgul Tower Guards


Alliance Evil
Witch King
Playstyle Mixed
  • Gondor
  • Rohan
  • Lorien
  • Rivendell
  • Strongholds
  • Isengard
  • Rhun
  • Harad
Difficulty Intermediate
Other Names