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Lorien is a faction built around their archers and stealthy ambush, Lorien is deadly when attacking from a distance.
Lorien have very good stealth with some of their units starting out with stealth and others are able to be upgraded with it.
The stealth makes up for the faction not having any cavalry or artillery.

Return of Shadow changes

Lorien have received a lot of work fixing issues and better balancing them.
The Faction Upgrade system has given them a new hero in Treebeard.
Edhellor has been changed to fit into a more Peltast role.
Lorien gains the new Statue to provide leadership to nearby units.
Lorien's spells have also been changed see the spell section for that.




Lorien start out with the Lorien Archers unique in Return of Shadow being the only faction to start out with an archer unit.
They are built from the Lorien Training Hall.
The Lorien Archers are the core unit for Lorien from Early game right up to late game.
Along with the regular upgrades they can also be upgraded with a cloak style stealth allowing them to be stealth as long as they don't move, very good
for setting up ambushes.
From the Level 2 Training Hall come the Lorien Wardens.
The Lorien Wardens are a peltast type unit, light infantry that can switch between melee and ranged wielding Spear and Shield or Javelins.
The Lorien Wardens can also be upgraded with Elven Cloaks.
With Level 3 the Training Hall can now build the Lorien Marchwardens the best stealth units in the game, they have a passive stealth and can remain
stealthed even when moving or attacking so long as they are under tree cover.
They also have better range than the Lorien Archers but can't be upgraded with Heavy Armour.
Training Hall Level 4 can build the Galadhrim Warriors a stronger version of the Elven Warriors from the original game, they stealth while under trees
and can fight in either melee or ranged.
With the the Protectors of Caras Galadhon spell you can buy the Caras Galadhon Barracks which trains Lorien's infantry.
Lorien have 3 infantry units the Caras Galadhon Watchmen, Caras Galadhon Guardians and the Amroth Vanguards.
The Watchmen are an axeman battalion suited for breaking down shield walls and destroying wooden structures.
They can also be upgraded with Mallorn staves which upgrades their weapons which increase their range and makes them immune to knock back.
The Guardians are Lorien's spear men/shield bearer unit an important unit if you are up against cavalry, having some of the Guardians protect your
archers is always good idea, upgrading them with Mallorn staves makes them even better.
Finally the Amroth Vanguards Lorien heavy elite infantry units.
They can be upgraded with Heavy armour and Basic training.
The Amroth Vanguards also function sort of like cavalry when using their Vanguard Rush skill at level 2 which gives them a speed boost and the
ability to knock back units in their way.
From the Lorien Woodcrafters they can purchase the Mallorn Staves and Mallorn Bows upgrades to improve the range of their attacks.
They can also purchase White Fire Arrows to inflict more damage on enemies.
The Woodcrafters is also the place to build the Lorien Ladder Crew if you are intending to attack walls.
Lorien's final unit is the Ent available from the Lorien Ent Moot which is built from Outposts.
The Lorien Entmoot is cheaper than the original one and doesn't auto spawn Ents.
Lorien has a second upgrade building the Lothlorien Hold which provides Lorien Cloaks, Heavy Armour, Basic Training and Forged Blades.


Lorien has some familiar faces as heroes.
Early game you have Orophin and Rumil the brothers of Haldir.
They fight best when fighting together.
They can fight with either swords or bows.
Haldir is a good mid game hero being the stronger of the brothers he functions as a support/ranged hero.
His Golden Leaf Arrow can do some good damage.
Like his brothers he can also fight either ranged or melee.
The 3 brothers also share a common skill Passing Shadow which is a sort of swift travel skill which can be useful when you need to make a sudden
Next is the only original hero for Lorien filling a needed melee and ranged role: Edhellor.
Edhellor is suited for weakening enemies Shatter Armour lowers the target's armour while damaging, Horn of Lorien stuns enemies in fear and
Siegebreaker improves his damage to structures and machines.
Lord Celeborn is a strong late game support and melee hero.
He can deal good melee damage with his Silver Blade attack.
He also has Lord of Lothlorien leadership.
Celeborn can grant units experience with Lord's Favour.
Protective Warding increases targeted structure's defences for a time.
Silver Light is a strong magical attack.
Once you purchase the Lady of the Golden Wood spell you can build the Lady Galadriel a useful support hero.
The lady starts out at level 5 with 3 skills.
She starts out with a leadership skill and 2 others.
Light of Lothlorien causes enemies to flee in terror.
Elven Vigour upgrades targeted Lorien units with a passive auto heal when they are out of combat.
Grace of the Lady improves the targeted hero's spell recharge time for a short time.
Replacing Haven of Light is a new passive upgrade Nenya Unleashed which upgrades Galadriel's attack with a strong knockback and improves her
armour, health and spell damage giving her some offensive power.
Nenya Revealed no longer requires the spell to unlock it.


Lorien's spells start out with Heal and Elven Wood which remain unchanged.
Next is Repair which instantly repairs targeted structures.
Protectors of Caras Galadhon unlocks the Caras Galadhon Barracks
Shroud slows and blinds targeted enemies for a short time.
Visions of Galadriel reveals the entire map permanently.
Cloud Break remains unchanged.
Lady of the Golden Wood unlocks Galadriel.
Call the Archers is one of Lorien's most important spell it increases the production rate of Lorien Archers for a short time.
Ent Allies remains largely unchanged except Lorien has a Mallorn variation.
Nenya Revealed has been replaced with Mithrandir.
Protection of the Lady has been changed into a global spell that improves ally damage, range and making units immune to fear and knockback for a


Lorien gains new Faction Upgrades but they don't get all the same ones as the other factions.
Since Lorien doesn't have traditional towers they don't get the Murder Holes or Fire Tower Arrows upgrades instead they get the Talan Defence
Upgrade which improves Talan armour and grants a small range leadership to archers inside.
March of the Ents speeds up Ent's move speed and build speed.
Treebeard unlocks Treebeard from the Lorien Entmoot.
Galadhrim Guard Armour Upgrade improves the armour of Orophin and Rumil as well as their health.
Galadhrim Captain Armour Upgrade improves Haldir's health, armour and slightly reduces his skill cooldown.

Tech Tree

Lorien Orchard

  • Produces resources

Lorien Woodcrafters

  • White Fire Arrows
  • Mallorn Bows
  • Mallorn Staves

Lorien Training Hall

  • Lorien Archers
  • Lorien Wardens
  • Lorien March Wardens
  • Galadhrim Warriors

Caras Galadhon Barracks

  • Caras Galadhon Watchmen
  • Caras Galadhon Guardians
  • Amroth Vanguards

Lorien Well

  • Heals and replenishes nearby units

Tribute to Nimrodel

  • Provides leadership to nearby allies

Lothlorien Hold

  • Basic Training
  • Heavy Armour
  • Forged Blades

Lorien Entmoot

  • Ent
  • Treebeard

Lorien Talans

  • Garrison building


Alliance Good
Lady Galadriel
Playstyle Ranged
  • Mordor
  • Strongholds
  • Mirkwood
Difficulty Easy
Other Names Lothlorien
Golden Wood