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Isengard have undergone a few changes with Return of Shadow.
They have a new building the White Hand Quarters which builds Isengard's White Hand Elites and Shieldbearers which are Isengard's elite units.
They also gain a few new heroes to flesh out the faction more.

Return of Shadow changes





The Shieldbearers are a tough defensive unit that is resistant to most types of damage except Axemen and hero.
The White Hand Elites are a strong horde that can fight either melee or ranged they are also tougher than regular Uruk Hai.


Isengard gain quite a few new heroes in Lugdush, Grima, Sharku, Mauhur, Shathuk and Ugluk.
Grima is an early game scouting hero that is strong against enemy heroes.
He starts out with the Stab in the Dark skill that heavily damages a target.
At level 5 he gains the Backstabber skill which upgrades Stab in the Dark to do additional damage to heroes and slows them as well as increasing his
anti hero damage for his regular attack.
At level 7 he gains the Wormtongue ability which has been moved from Saruman to Grima.
Lugdush is an early game ranged hero that is skilled at stealth.
Kick up dust can be useful against attackers blinding them.
He later gains a passive stealth when standing still,and when stealthed and standing still he can ambush enemies with his Silent Killer skill.
Sharku is another early game hero his specialty is fast hit and run tactics.
As the head of the Warg Riders he has good supporting skills for them in the form of Howl of Isengard a stronger version of the Warg Rider's Howl
and a leadership.
Mauhur is Isengard's melee attacker hero he has strong splash damage making him a threat to enemy hordes.
Shathuk is unlocked from the Isengard Unleashed spell and acts as a support hero.
As the Uruk Hai who lead the assault on Helm's Deep his skills are centred around motivating nearby Uruks.
Forward Charge grants a speed and damage boost for nearby Uruks and Leader of the Assault is a leadership skill.
At level 10 he gains the Uruk Reinforcements skill which summons some Uruk Hai to battle.
Ugluk is a strong support hero.
Ugluk is capable of healing nearby Uruk Hai with his Orc tonic skill and provide leadership with his Will of Saruman.
Brute Strike is a powerful attack that can take your head off if you are unlucky enough to be hit with it.
Stand your ground is a useful skill for defending.
At level 10 he gains Company which summons Uruk Hai.
Lurtz and Saruman have undergone some changes too.
Lurtz has a new leadership ability Range master which provides bonus Range,Vision and damage to nearby archers.
Slam shooter upgrades Lurtz's ranged attack to deal knockback.
Saruman has lost the Wormtongue ability but gained the Voice of Saruman and War Speech skills.
Wizard's Blast has been replaced with Way of Pain which is similar but instead knocks enemies high into the air (one of my favourite skills in the
Voice of Saruman inflicts fear on enemies while War Speech increases the attack of nearby Uruk Hai.
Once you purchase the Ring Lord spell Saruman becomes Saruman the Black and becomes more powerful than ever.
His spell recharge times are halved, he does more spell damage, he gains more health, a new new ranged lightning attack.


With the update to 12 spells comes quite a few changes to the spell list.
Dunlending Raid summons 3 hordes of Dunlending Wildmen to battle they do bonus damage to structures.
Rally heals and replenishes targeted hordes.
Isengard Unleashed unlocks the Isengard Excavation, White Hand Quarters (and the White Hand units) and unlocks Shathuk.
Wizard's Ward summons a large ward that provides a large armour buff for nearby allies while it stands.
Stormcraft summons a thunder storm at the location that attacks enemies with powerful lightning attacks.
Ring Lord upgrades Saruman into Saruman that Black.


Isengard get the standard Faction Upgrades Great Keep Upgrade, Murder Holes and Tower Fire Arrows but they get more than that.
The old Excavation upgrades have been moved to the Citadel and the Faction Upgrade system which includes Fuel the Fires, Uruk Workers and Deep
Ore Mining.
They also get the new Siege Craft Faction Upgrade which improves the Ballista with better damage and range.

Tech Tree

Isengard Slaughter House

  • Produces resources

Isengard Furnace

  • Produces resources

Lumber Mill

    Isengard Workers

Isengard Uruk Pit

  • Uruk Hai Fighters
  • Uruk Hai Crossbows
  • Uruk Pikemen

Warg Pit

  • Isengard Warg Riders

White Hand Quarters

  • White Hand Shieldbearers
  • White Hand Elites

Isengard Siege Works

  • Isengard Siege Ladder
  • Isengard Battering Ram
  • Isengard Ballista


Alliance Evil
Playstyle -
  • Rohan
  • Dunland
  • Mordor
Difficulty Intermediate
Other Names Orthanc