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Return of Shadow changes

Gondor has undergone a few changes with Return of Shadow such as the addition of various new units.
Gondor has been more fleshed out and changed to better fit the defensive infantry role.
Some units have been renamed the Gondor Rangers are now the Ithilien Rangers, Tower Guards are now Fountain Guards.




A new unit added to the Barracks is the Gondor Spearmen which is a defensive spearmen unit good for defended against enemy charges, they are
cheaper than the Fountain Guards and better suited to the pikeman role.
The Fountain Guards have been tweaked a little fit into the new Shield bearer role, they are now enduring.
When in Wall Formation enemy cavalry charges can be stopped like water on rock.
The Pelargir Marines are a versatile peltast unit that can switch between melee and ranged.
One of the unique features for the Marines is their ability to combine with almost any other battalion even other Marines to form a double battalion.
They fight either melee or ranged depending on the battalion they join for instance when joining with Soldiers they form the back line as ranged units,
but with Archers they form the front line as melee.
When combining into a double horde half are melee and half are ranged.
Citadel Guards are Gondor's Heavy Elite units available after purchasing the Warriors of the Citadel Faction Upgrade.
At level 2 they gain the ability to auto heal like the Marines, they also have the Guard Rush ability which grants them bonus speed, armour, knock
back and fear immunity as well as giving them the ability to bowl over infantry units for a short time.


Mablung is an Ithilien Ranger skilled at with a long spear.
He has the passive skill Master of the Spear which increases damage for nearby allied spearmen, reduces his damage from spears and reduces the
crushing power of enemy cavalry.
Piercing Strike is a useful ability doing melee damage and reducing a target's armour.
Mablung also gains a passive stealth at later levels.
Mardil is Faramir's second in charge of the Ithilien Rangers and is a hero who is adept at disabling enemies and supporting allies.
He can move while stealthed and provide stealth cover for Rangers with his Wood Cover skill.
Mardil can also place down hidden traps to snare enemies for a time leaving them weak to an ambush.
Beregond is a strong defensive hero with the Defender of the Citadel skill he gains an armour buff for a time.
Second Wind allows Beregond to recover some of his health.
Shield Smash is a useful skill to use on enemy heroes it can knock them down and stun them for a time.
Denethor steward of Gondor is a support hero who is stronger when fighting within the sight of the Citadel.
He provides leadership to nearby units but at the cost of some of their fear resistance.
He can grant units experience with Steward's Favour and summon 2 battalions of Citadel Guards to battle.
Faramir loses his Captain of Gondor spell with it being replaced by Denethor's Steward of Gondor spell.
He gains a new spell Ithilien Defence which summons a battalion of elite Rangers for a very short time who bombard the enemy with powerful
ranged attacks.
Boromir also loses his Captain of Gondor spell but gains 2 new skills.
Last Stand allows Boromir to keep fighting after he is defeated for a short time.
Oath of Protection increases the armour of targeted allies significantly.


Gondor has a few new spells.
Early on Gondor has the Eyes of the White Tower spell that can provide vision of an area just like Palantir Vision.
Elven Woods has been replaced with Ithilien Woods doing the same thing.
Repair allows Gondor to instantly repair targeted structures.
Ithilien Allies which summons 3 hordes of Ithilien Rangers for a short time.
Return of the King allows King Elessar to be built he is an updated version of Aragorn.
Knights of Dol Amroth summons 4 battalions of the powerful knights that can crush enemies under foot.
Mithrandir summons Gandalf for a short time.
The summoned version of Gandalf for Gondor has a different skill set.
Wizard's Blast has been replaced with Sunder which damages, stuns and knocks back enemies, does strong damage to structures including walls and
destroys nearby gates it can also weaken other Wizards slowing their spell recharge rate.
Word of Power has also been removed.
Eagle Allies now summons 3 Eagles.
Havens of Numenor does a few thing firstly it upgrades Outposts to Havens which have an extra building foundation and a defensive foundation.


Gondor gets the standard Faction Upgrades Great Keep Upgrade, Murder Holes and Tower Fire Arrows (which was moved from the Stone workers)
they also get some exclusive upgrades.
Siege Craft upgrades the armour, range and damage of the Trebuchets as well as the armour of the Battering Rams.
Citadel Armour upgrades Boromir with heavy armour improving his health, armour and slightly reducing cooldowns for his skills.
Warrior of Ithilien unlocks Mablung from the Ithilien Sanctuary.
Warriors of the Citadel unlocks the Citadel Guards at the Barracks.

Tech Tree

Gondor Farm

  • Produces resources

Gondor Barracks

  • Gondor Soldiers
  • Gondor Spearmen
  • Citadel Guards

Gondor Archery Range

  • Gondor Archers
  • Pelargir Marines

Gondor Stables

  • Gondor Knights
  • Royal Knights

Gondor Workshop

  • Gondor Battering Ram
  • Gondor Trebuchet
  • Fire Stones

Gondor Well

  • Heals and replenishes nearby allies

Gondor Hero Statue

  • Adds Leadership bonus to nearby units

Gondor Marketplace

  • Grand Harvest
  • Iron Ore

Gondor Stonemasons

  • Numenorean Stonework
  • Fortified Gate
  • Defiance

Ithilien Sanctuary

  • Ithilien Rangers
  • Damrod

Gondor Blacksmiths

  • Basic Training
  • Fire Arrows
  • Steel Bows
  • Heavy Armour
  • Forged Blades
  • Knight Shields


Alliance Good
King Elessar
Playstyle Defensive/Infantry
  • Mordor
  • Rhun
  • Harad
  • Rohan
Difficulty Mixed
Other Names -