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Dunland are a unique faction for Return of Shadow they specialise in light infantry units and map control.
They have the fastest moving infantry in the game and field a large force in a short time from all over the map their infantry is great at raiding enemy
economy buildings and running down enemies.

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Dunland's core is their light infantry comprising of their Dunlending Warriors , Vanguards, Javeloteers, and Bowmen which are all very fast infantry
though they lack in survivability.
From the Wildman Hut they can build 3 very important units the barbaric Wildmen who can fight with torches and move fast making them great at
raiding farms with the Dunland Raids faction Upgrades they can be built from external Farms and with the Gather the Clans spell they get a build
speed boost including the farms so they can field large numbers very fast.
Next they have the Hillmen which are Dunland's spearmen unit that are fast but weakly armoured.
Finally they have the War Hounds which are trained hounds that are used to chase down fleeing enemies and harry them the hounds become even
better with the Hunting Dog training Faction upgrade which allows them to stealth and recover health when staying still allowing them the ability to
ambush enemies.


Dunland has a few heroes to fight for them.
Dunland's heroes don't have magic or over the top powers instead they focus on being strong and hardy warriors.
The Dunlendings are lead by the new High Chief Borgo a large and valiant man who wields a large scythe that pulls enemies towards him.
He is a man of great strength able to launch enemies high into the air with his Launch skill.
When he set his eye on an enemy with his Target skill they become unnerved and weaker for a time.
The Wildmen are lead by the fierce Halbar a strong warrior who is great with his blade.
Orleth the warrioress follows in the tradition of the Folk of Haleth from whom the Dunlendings are descended.
She is a keen shot with her bow and quite skilled with her short swords.
Talbor is a hardy veteran who is a tough warrior wielding a Sword and Shield he functions as Dunland's tank hero.
Finally there's Darlas the cunning a guileful enemy who uses his twin daggers to great effect.


Unlike other factions Dunland doesn't use magic and doesn't get much from help from others.
They fight using their own strength.
Their spell list is centred around making their units fast and strong while also weakening enemies.
They start off with the Recover spell which heals ally's.
Next is the Crebain spell which summons a murder of Crebain that can spy on the enemy and weaken them when overhead.
War Craft upgrades the Dunland Smelter to provide upgrades.
Scavenger allows them to obtain resources from killing enemies.
Fell Shroud summons a thick cloud of smoke that slows and blinds enemies for a short time.
Drought stops targeted enemy resource structures from producing for a short time. This spell is goes well with Crebain, Crebain gives the vision and
Drought slows their resources.
Burning Sun stuns enemies and removes leaderships for a short time.
Tenacity upgrades some of Dunland's spells like Recover, Crebain and Fell Shroud increasing their potency.
Gather the Clans increases the production rate of Wildmen and Hillmen for a short time, this includes Farms that have been upgraded with the
Dunland Raids Faction Upgrade.
Dark Influence makes it's appearance as it does for all evil factions.
White Wizard summons Saruman for a short time making him the only outside aid the Dunlendings get.
Finally Dunlending Vengeance is a global spell that increases all Dunlendings damage, speed and armour.


Dunland has the usual Faction Upgrades Great Keep Upgrade, Murder Holes and Tower Fire Arrows they also get 3 exclusive upgrades that make
Dunland a faction to be reckoned with.
Dunland Raids allows Wildmen to be built from all external farms.
This upgrade is very important for a Dunland player so that they can get full map control.
Wood Craft upgrades the Dunland Woodcutters into Woodcrafters which can build the siege weapons Battering Ram and Ladder Crew and since the
Woodcutters can be built at Econ plots this means the Dunlendings can field siege from just about anywhere on the map and unlike other factions
don't require an Outpost.
Hunting Dog Training upgrades the War Hounds to stealth and recover health when staying still allowing the War Hounds to ambush enemies.

Tech Tree

Dunland Farm

  • Produces resources

Dunland Smelter

  • Basic Training
  • Fire Arrows
  • Heavy Leather Armour
  • Honed Blades

Dunland Steading

  • Dunland Warriors
  • Dunland Vanguard
  • Adorn Champions
  • Dunland Hobelars

Dunland Lodge

  • Dunland Bowmen
  • Dunland Javeloteers

Dunland Hut

  • Dunland Wildmen
  • Dunland Hillmen
  • Fire Torches
  • War Paint

Dunland Well

  • Heals and replenishes nearby units

Dunland Woodcutters

  • Dunland Workers
  • Dunland Battering Ram
  • Dunland Ladder crew


Alliance Evil
High Chief Borgo
Playstyle Raiding
  • Rohan
  • Gondor
  • Isengard
Difficulty Intermediate
Other Names